Well lets give this a whirl!

Great Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix idea


I have considered myself a Bloody Mary aficianado since I turned 21, and before that quite the expert on tomato juices seeing as my grandmother had me drinking V-8 juice as a baby I have always had a taste for it. I graduated to virgin mary’s then began sampling the Bloody Mary’s at local restaurants and bars when I came of age.

So that being said, when a new mix or “mary” drink catches my eye, I HAVE to try it!

First lets look at the Budweiser Chelada. “Enjoy the best of two worlds: a refreshing Budweiser and the unique flavor of Clamato.”  It went down easy like a beer and had that zip and smokey spice I like in a bloody mary. YUM! This would be a great drink for appetizers and snacks! It’s really good. But…..I am a petite gal and I drink slow, so this large can…

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